. Who ... is ELVO ?

ELVO is a subcontractor of SCHOEPS Microphones (Germany). We design and manufacture the current tube microphone series M 222 and their power supplies NT 222 AC and NT 222 DC plus the power supply NTM 221 for the famous SCHOEPS tube microphone M 221.

Our general manager is Bernhard Vollmer. You may reach him directly via vollmer@mikrofonbau.de for any questions concerning ELVO. He has also been Quality Control Manager at SCHOEPS for more than two decades. You can reach him at SCHOEPS via vollmer@schoeps.de for any questions concerning SCHOEPS.

Where ... is ELVO ?

Our postal address:

ELVO Mikrofonbau
Sommerseite 7
77815 Buehl/Baden