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The Switchable Omni / Cardioid Capsule

MK 25 / M 934 B / M 934 C

- omni and cardioid patterns, mechanically switchable
- slight emphasis of the high frequencies
- broad range of applications

Thanks to its special mechanical pattern-switching arrangement, two directional patterns can be selected with the M 934 B, despite its single diaphragm design. Unlike dual diaphragm capsules, in the omnidirectional setting it is a true pressure transducer with flat response down to the lowest frequencies.

A mechanical slide switch in the side of the microphone determines the pattern.

In the omni position the M 934 B is a true pressure transducer, and the polar diagram shows an increasing directivity toward the high frequencies which is typical for such a transducer. In the cardioid position equal components of pressure-gradient and pressure operation combine to form a cardioid pattern. (Intermediate switch positions are mechanically possible, but are not recommended.)

Note: For best possible cardioid specifications always equip the M 934 B with the enclosed plastic baffle (phase ring) but remove it for best performance in the omni position (see pictures). The M 934 C does not need any phase ring in both positions.

M 934 B Cardioid

M 934 B Omni

M 934 C

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