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The Omnidirectional Capsules

MK 22:

- omnidirectional pattern
- corrected for the diffuse sound field (slight high frequency emphasis)
- for universal use

The MK 22 exhibits a slight high frequency emphasis for frontal sound incidence, with only a slight roll-off of high frequencies off axis and in the reverberant sound field.

This microphone type is close to being universally applicable.

It has been proven particularly useful in two- and three-microphone stereo arrays, where its normal placement near the reverberation radius of the sound field presents a sonically balanced pickup favored by many recording engineers.

Addendum, 2008: SCHOEPS has introduced a new Colette-series capsule called the MK 22, but it is not directly related to the M 221-series capsule of the same name. (Colette-series capsules can be used with M 221 amplifiers only via the AMC 3 adapter.) The Colette-series MK 22 is an "Open Cardioid"--it has a directional pattern between classic cardioid and "wide cardioid".

MK 23 / MK 23S:

- omnidirectional pattern
- for brightening the pickup in the diffuse sound field
- for use at a great distance from the sound source

With the MK 23 the aim was to create a microphone type which would compensate for high frequency losses when placed at a great distance from the sound source. Used in a reverberant sound field, well beyond the source's reverberation radius in a room, the high frequency emphasis shown in the on-axis frequency response plot is integrated with the less brilliant off-axis pickup and is not audible as such.

When this type of microphone is used close to the sound source, the emphasis of high frequencies for on-axis sound incidence becomes clearly audible, producing an overly brilliant sound image.

Therefore the MK 23 is most often used as an ambient room microphone, or in special cases when the extra brilliance is desired.

The MK 23 was also delivered with a phase ring as MK 23S with a high frequency compensation of recordings far away from the sound source.

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