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The Hypercardioid Capsule

MK 241:

- supercardioid for music and speech
- highest directivity of any first-order pressure-gradient transducer
- polar diagram highly frequency independent

The MK 241 are strongly directional. Sound arriving from off axis is attenuated even more than with a cardioid. The pickup is drier and less susceptible to acoustic feedback, provided that a loudspeaker is not located directly on the rear axis of the microphone. Its directivity is highly independent of frequency, so that even sounds arriving off axis and reverberant sound are registered without coloration. Consequently, even distant placement of the microphone produces a very natural sound pickup.

Compared to the cardioid MK 24, the supercardioid has slightly more roll-off at the low end, due to the gradient effect. Its high frequency linearity both on- and off- axis also gives it a less brilliant sound than the MK 24.

Depending on its manufacturing date this capsule needs for best possible polar pattern and frequency response a plastic baffle or not (see pictures).

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