Why a New Power Supply ?

The M 221 microphone has a very long life duration including its original tube AC701 which very seldom needs an exchange. But the original Power supply SCHOEPS N 20 has used capacitors that mostly have run dry after thirty years. In addition these capacitors are very voluminous what results in bulky power supplies.

The New Power Supply NTM 221 has electronically stabilized voltages for heating and anode. All switches and plugs are gold plated. This guarantees best possible performance of your valueable tube microphone for many years.
The M 221's New Power Supply NTM 221
The Features:

• High quality power supply with filter and attenuator
• Electronically stabilized voltages for heating and anode.
• Ultra low noise at maximum output capability
• Fits for original SCHOEPS M 221 with Tuchel connector (Sogie with adapter cable)
• Frequency range: 10 Hz - 30.000 Hz (measured with SCHOEPS' omni MK 22)
• FILTER (switchable): 150 Hz (6 dB/oct) may compensate proximity effect
• All signal switches with gold-plated contacts
• LED "ON"
• AC mains 220 V or 110 V, 3 VA, internally selected
• Input NTM 221: XLR 5 (gold-plated), balanced
• Output NTM 221: XLR 3 (gold-plated), balanced, impedance 200 Ohms allows cables up to 100 m,
possible unbalanced operation without loss of level
• Solid construction (metal case)
• Complete set with special cable to the M 221 B, 5m, 100% shielded, flexible even at low
temperatures, low capacity

The Supplied Equipment:

Power Supply NTM 221
Microphone Cable KS 5 TU
English Manual

The Switches

ATT. -10dB:
The tube microphone M 221 B accepts very high sound pressure levels. This could overload your mixing console's input. Switching on "ATT. -10dB" will reduce the output level with the maximum sound pressure level remaining the same.

CUT 150 Hz:
This filter compensates the proximity effect of pressure-gradient transducers or
eliminates infrasonic signals caused by light wind. It cuts off frequencies below 150 Hz at a slope of 6 dB/oct. The exact corner frequency depends on the input impedance of the following equipment. With the "CUT 150 Hz" switched OFF the frequency response will reach from 10 Hz up to 30 kHz (depending on the capsule type).


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